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Carmalized Onion, Goat Feta and Double Smoked Bacon Pie

Product Provided by: Dan Carkner | Modest Butcher


Crust:Flour, Butter, Water, Salt
Filling: Double smoked bacon, Onions, Carmelis goat feta, Garlic,
Parsley, thyme, oregano, chives, Eggs, Cream, Salt n’ Peppa

Photography credits: Carson Photography

Dan Carkner | Modest Butcher
Carmalized Onion, Goat Feta and Double Smoked Bacon Pie


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Chef Dan Carkner fell into the industry by accident and quickly fell in love with it. After a successful period of growth in Banff, Dan moved to Kelowna and gained an appreciation for the connection between the land, the food, and the wine - and how it all comes together in a memorable dish. Diversity of experience is key to a well-rounded skill set and so Chef Dan set out on a quest that included formal training at the Culinary Institute of Canada, a variety of roles with the House of Commons of Canada on Parliament Hill, Sommelier Certification, and Sous Chef titles in Banff, Ottawa, and PEI. Many, many glasses of wine later, Dan returned to Kelowna as Chef at Jack's cocktail bar. Good fortune and bribery have provided Dan the opportunity to open the Modest Butcher Kitchen + Market at Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery as Executive Chef.

Pie Pickup Location: 2310 Enterprise way

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