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We believe that music can bring people together in a unique and honest way that very few other things can accomplish, music can provoke meaningful conversation, endless laughs and the many tears.

Like music, Jack’s is for everyone; we hope to become a mainstay in the community, a place that’s about so much more than our food and drinks. We believe we have created a space that will allow people to forget their worries, live in the moment and enjoy the company of friends, family and strangers alike.

Designer, Brandi Dea, has created a room that has the feel of a hole-in-the-wall, late night hot spot in downtown Los Angeles.

The kind of spot that only the locals know about. Our decor pays tribute to many of the artists who have changed our lives with their music. We will be serving our one of a kind Okanagan Style thin crust pizza in collaboration with a vast selection of liquor from around the world and inspired cocktails carefully concocted by our talented team, led by General Manager Brian Atkinson & Head Chef Matthew Higginbottom.

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