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Strut Footwear
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Shandi Schwartz, the owner of Strut Footwear, always joked that if her counseling/teaching career needed a change, she would open up a shoe store. Shandi has always had a love for fashion and a voracious appetite for shoes, and in 2017, after 22 years in education, she very proudly opened Strut Footwear.

Strut boasts an exceptional collection of European made, sophisticated, fashion-forward footwear for the professional and fashion-conscious woman. Please come visit us in the Mission Park Shopping Centre, and take your love of shoes to a whole new level. We can’t wait to meet you and help you find your new favorite shoe! 

Strut Footwear is very proud to support COBSS, The Central Okanagan Bursary, and Scholarship Society. COBSS is a non-profit organization of volunteers from the Central Okanagan area who are dedicated to providing financial assistance to our Grade 12 graduates in order that they may further their post-secondary education.

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